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In regions throughout the US, foundations and philanthropic groups convene panels, conduct webinars and interviews, create press releases, and develop various multi-media products to showcase the impact of philanthropic investment in Black communities. In this section, ABFE has compiled a growing list of these products to document the evolution of Black male initiatives in philanthropy and to highlight data of particular interest to members and colleagues throughout its networks.
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Implementing the Source-to-Sea Approach: A Guide for Practitioners

July 1, 2019

The source-to-sea approach directly addresses the linkages between land, water, delta, estuary, coast, nearshore and ocean ecosystems in support of holistic natural resources management and economic development. Implementing the source-to-sea approach: A guide for practitioners supports professionals to apply the source-to-sea approach during project design, implementation and evaluation. Building upon the conceptual framework first developed by the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the guide presents a step-wise approach that can be used at all levels and adapted to local contexts. For each step, it provides relevant background materials, case studies and guiding questions to identify the changes needed to address the impacts of alterations in key source-to-sea flows.

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