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In 2024, Greater Boston is home to immigrants from all over the world who came here to work, study, find safety, and build economic prosperity for their families. Most immigrants to our region are now from Latin America and Asia rather than from Europe, as was the case for most of our history. Then and now, immigrants contribute a great deal to our region's innovation and diversity of perspective.

In recent years, immigration has become the target of heated rhetoric and intense debate. At the same time, political, economic, and climate instability around the globe has led to increased migration to our region. For these reasons, immigration is front of mind for many Bostonians.

In this report, Boston Indicators partnered with the Immigration Research Initiative to analyze who makes up immigrant communities in Greater Boston, quantify what they contribute to our regional economy, and detail the immigration pathways they take to get here. To do this, we organized the report into three sections:

  • PART 1: Demographic Profile, which analyzes the composition of immigrant populations in our region and looks at how this has changed over time.
  • PART 2: Economic Contributions, which examines the socioeconomic contributions and well-being of immigrants in our region. This section looks both at current conditions and the economic trajectory of immigrants over their careers and across the generations.
  • PART 3: Immigration Pathways, which details the complex system that immigrants contend with in order to settle in Greater Boston.

We hope this analysis of Greater Boston's immigrant population will help policymakers and service providers better understand immigrant communities and effectively implement programs and policies that make our region an even more welcoming and thriving place.