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On Message: Using Strategic Communications to Advance Social Change in Black and Latino Communities, Executive Summary

Apr 14, 2008

This report aims to highlight examples of efforts involving black- and latino-serving nonprofits that utilize strategic communications to enhance their advocacy work and improve opportunities in communities of color. A project of the ABFE/HIP initiative, this publication is informed by the findings of a nationwide scan to identify groups taking the lead to integrate strategic communications in their advocacy, organizing, and social change efforts in black and latino communities. conducted in 2007, the scan included an analysis of emerging research in nonprofit communications; a cataloging of the notable successes of several nonprofits and coalitions across the country; an online survey of grantmakers with an interest in high-priority issues in black and latino communities; and follow-up interviews with nonprofit leaders and the grantmakers funding their work. The scan also included information gathered under the guidance of a national advisory committee of media practitioners, grantmakers, advocates, researchers, and nonprofit leaders who volunteered, at the request of ABFE and HIP, to provide structure and lend leadership to the research.